Emre Süren

Vulnerability Researcher @ NCRC

Emre Süren

CTI of Sweden


Emre is a faculty member at Cybercampus Sweden and manager of the Hacking Lab, where he leads a research team working on memory forensics and IoT hacking. He teaches digital forensics at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology.


To enhance national security measures, we aim to systematically assess the cyber threat landscape facing our country, Sweden. Our approach entails the comprehensive collection and automated processing of intelligence data to map vulnerabilities within our national infrastructure visible from the internet. Subsequently, we endeavor to predict the likelihood of these systems being compromised by malicious actors and to identify any attacker infrastructures operating within our borders. Initially utilizing open-source intelligence (OSINT) tools for preliminary analyses, we will evaluate their efficacy in bolstering national-scale efforts and determine the most suitable solutions for our needs. This research aims to provide actionable insights and proactive measures to safeguard Sweden's cyber resilience against evolving threats.