Emil Nordström

Head of intelligence

Emil Nordström


Discussions on Cybersecurity and the Growing Industry

Panel discussion.


Emil Nordström is Head of Intelligence at Combitech. Emil is senior expert in international cyber intelligence and consults: Riksbanken, Investor, FAM, SAAB, Ericsson etc. to provide industry leading intelligence and risk assessments. Emil has been entrusted as Deputy Director of Group Strategy at SAAB for international intelligence projects and has over 15 years of experience in working with leading western intelligence agencies. Emil is co-author of the Cyber Threat Landscape Report (TIBER-SE) published by the Swedish Central Bank, Riksbanken, and has worked with all the Nordic central banks. He holds a Master of Science in Information Security from LiTH with scholarship to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH, in Zurich. Emil is senior intelligence and cyber expert in several military think tank and academic forums.