The event will take place in a central part of Stockholm, the venue is the stunning building located at Vasagatan 28, 111 20 Stockholm and is a short walk from the The Central Station (on the same road, about 100m from the main exit, right across the road from a side entry/exit).


The conference hotel is the Sheraton Stockholm which is located at Tegelbacken 6, 101 23 Stockholm. It is a short walk from both The Central Station and venue.

The hotel is within view of the Swedish Parliament building (across the water) and has excellent shops and restaurants surrounding it in all directions. Tourist shopping centers are also a short walk away as well as idyllic sights such as the Kings Garden (Kungsträdgård).

Välkommen till Stockholm!

Stockholm is a city that sprawls over a series of islands and dates back to the viking age. You will be located in Norrmalm which is a commercial hub. The island to the west is Kungsholmen which is a more chill residential area that features the City Hall and this is where the Nobel banquet is held annually. During the summer months it has live music and parties on the water.

Directly to the south of the hotel is the Old Town (Gamla Stan), this is where all the pretty buildings and winding cobbled-stone streets are. It has a high density of tourist attractions such as The Royal Palace and the Nobel Prize Museum.

To the south of the Old Town is Södermalm, this is the vibey part of the city (think Williamsburg/Bushwick or Shoreditch/Hackney), brimming with creative energy, it has a high density of bars and pubs.

The area in the east is known as Östermalm which is home to the Swedish History Museum if you want to see viking relics in the flesh, this part of town is where the you can party with Stockholm playboy types or visit high fashion boutiques.